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2021 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference

2021 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference
2021 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference

Justice, health equity, and reducing the digital divide

Call for Abstracts

The Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference and the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association are currently seeking presentation submissions for the concurrent sessions and for posters for our upcoming joint conference. The conference will offer more than 90 breakout sessions representing a diverse blend of topics and clinical, research, administrative, policy, or training issues.  It is our goal to bring innovative and inspiring topics to our audiences and we encourage you to consider submitting.

The call for presentations is open until March 29th, 2021. To learn more about the conference and submission requirements go to We encourage you to submit a proposal for the conference.

The conference will include programming in innovative areas of collaborative and integrated healthcare, especially highlighting (though not limited to) the following:

• Socioeconomic, racial, and other inequities in healthcare with paths to move forward

• Actionable steps to bring equitable healthcare to all

• Telehealth sustainability and leveraging the virtual platform to reduce disparity.

This conference provides a variety of opportunities and formats to network, socialize, and learn with colleagues representing various disciplines and professional affiliations. To get a better idea of what is offered, you can learn more about CFHA and its conferences on the website Contact Jackie Hahn with any questions at

About the Conference

The Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference aims to advance collaborative and integrated  practice of mental health care in Canadian primary and community care settings. Our scope includes intra-and inter-professional collaboration inclusive of collaboration with clients and caregivers. We value multiple forms of knowledge and ‘evidence’ including scientific knowledge, pragmatic knowledge of front-line healthcare providers and administrators and experiential knowledge of people using mental health services. Throughout the conference we seek to promote dialogue between these different perspectives, sharing insights and innovations that stand to strengthen integrative and collaborative mental health care in Canada. For more information about our conferences go to

Conference partnership with CFHA

Last year we were able to partner with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA) and offer a Canadian content stream in their 2020 virtual conference on the theme of “Strengthening integrated care to meet complex needs" (October 7-10, 2020). This successful collaboration led us to partner once again with the CFHA to offer a more integrated virtual conference where we are able to continue to learn and share insights and innovations in integrated and collaborative mental health.

Conference Theme

This year’s conference theme is “Justice, health equity, and reducing the digital divide". The conference theme underscores the importance of addressing the socially constructed determinants of health and structural inequities, including systemic racism, in order to achieve health equity. As providers of mental health care, supporting people living with mental illness, we need to establish equity-based approaches rooted in cultural humility in order to collaborate with diverse groups to provide the best possible care, education and support. Digital care has rapidly accelerated transmission of knowledge while expanding the scope of practice without significant consideration for the complexities and disparities in access to care. Therein lies opportunity to develop culturally relevant, responsive strategies to reach disadvantaged populations and address the digital divide, leveraging this platform to decrease disparity. We encourage you to submit, attend, share and connect so we may work to enhance integrated and collaborative mental health care and improve health outcomes now and far beyond the pandemic.

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