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90Second Caregiver Subscription – Subscribe today!


90Second Caregiver Subscription – Subscribe today!

As a caregiver, you lead a busy life supporting family members, partners, friends, or neighbours with physical and/or mental health needs. The 90Second Caregiver subscription includes a free, weekly electronic communication with your well-being in mind, sent directly to you via email.

The 90Second Caregiver subscription delivers brief health letters that provide information and tips on health promotion topics relevant to the caregiver experience. Each of the weekly letters, which take approximately 90 seconds to read, include:

  • An introduction to a topic of relevance to caregivers and their well-being
  • Actionable tips
  • A brief self-assessment survey related to the topic followed by personalized insights and suggestions
  • A personal story related to the topic is shared
  • A way to leave your own feedback about the letter or other topics you want to learn about

Please click on the link to enroll in the subscription today.

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