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Cannabis And the Adolescent Brain: A Learn & Earn $25 Opportunity For Youth Age 15-18

Greetings from YCAP!

The Youth Cannabis Awareness Program (YCAP) is looking for two groups of fifteen youth ages 15-18 to participate in a focus test of a national webinar, presented as a two-hour educational opportunity. During the first hour, youth will attend a webinar titled “Cannabis and The Adolescent Brain” delivered by a YCAP facilitator.  

During the second hour, youth will have the opportunity to give feedback about the content of the webinar, activities and suggest areas for improvement. Each participant will receive a $25 gift card after attending the webinar.

This focus test will take place on Zoom; the registration information (including date, time and registration page) are posted below.

  • October 28th, 1:30PM PDT | 2:30PM MDT/CST | 3:30PM CDT |
    4:30PM EDT | 5:30PM ADT

Click here to register

“Cannabis And The Adolescent Brain” addresses the following topics:

  1. How the human brain develops as we grow up
  2. How compounds in cannabis interact with the human body
  3. How cannabis affects different regions of the brain
  4. Health risks of cannabis use on a developing brain
  5. Harm reduction strategies and support resources

The YMCA is committed to an environment that is barrier free. If a youth needs additional information or an alternate way to participate, please contact

YCAP takes a harm reduction approach toward recreational cannabis use. YCAP does not make value judgments regarding recreational cannabis use, rather seeks to minimize risks associated with cannabis use by providing the most accurate and unbiased information.

Thank you very much!  


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