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Disrupting Rumination with Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg


Disrupting Rumination with Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg

Overactive brain circuitry can trap people in ruminative thinking and can cause anxious dread, which can directly feed the development of addiction or lead to relapse. This session will explore the four subtle reasons people hold on to worry. More importantly you will be able to apply pragmatic, achievable solutions for eliminating anxious thought patterns, in particular ruminative worry, and replacing them with attitudes of calmness and competency.

Course Outcome:

  1. Improve treatment effectiveness by applying basic understanding of neurological causes of rumination to eliminate generalized anxiety’s “anxious dread.”
  2. Frame 4 purposes of worry and apply the techniques that break the hold of worry
  3. Apply 4 approaches to reduce the impact of stressors that triggers anxiety and intensify risk for addiction and relapse.

This 3 hour workshop is available on-demand starting March 16th.  For details, visit

Discounted rate of $99+hst until March 31st (available at checkout).

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