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How to Manage Nutrition and Stressors as a Caregiver


How to Manage Nutrition and Stressors as a Caregiver

The demands of caregiving can leave you feeling stressed,
burned out, and low on energy. One way to boost your health
is through nutritious meals. Good nutrition is essential for
caregivers, as it helps regulate your health, energy, and mood.
But with rising food costs and food insecurity, caregivers
may find it challenging to maintain a regular nutritious plan.
Join our webinar and hear from Nishta Saxena, a registered
dietitian and nutritionist, on how you can:
• Create quick nutritious meals and snacks for yourself
while on a budget
• Manage stressors in your caregiving journey and what
impact they have on your mood and sleeping habits
Our Speaker: Nishta Saxena is a Toronto-based Registered
Dietitian and Child & Family Nutritionist. She is the owner of
a busy nutrition clinic Vibrant Nutrition in Toronto. Her clinical
expertise spans 16 years, and she has helped thousands of
people and families to understand and implement strategies
to improve their health. She knows the transformative power
of nutrition in people’s lives, and her mission is to increase
access to information that helps people make strategic
changes in their lives. Nishta is a Food and Nutrition Expert
with CTV Your Morning and appears regularly on television
and in the media as a nationally recognized nutrition expert.
She is also a busy married mother of 2 tweens, and is part of
the notorious sandwich generation, with an elderly father and
a thriving business to support.

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