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Hypnotherapy for Healthcare Professionals - Part I

Zoom Webinar


Hypnotherapy for Health Professionals will be presented on October 1 2022 from 9am to 4pm through Zoom by Dr. David Murphy. This online workshop is appropriate for any health professional who is interested in hypnosis and curious about how hypnosis can be applied to treating mental health problems, reducing stress, improving quality of life and promoting wellness.

Dr. David Murphy is a physician and certified psychotherapist with 30 years of experience with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He is a member of the Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada and a member of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Clinicians who can benefit from this workshop include Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists, Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Addiction Counsellors and Social Workers.

This one-day webinar will teach the history, theory and practice of hypnosis. Participants will learn the building blocks of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, so that they can learn to design their own hypnosis techniques and move beyond using hypnosis scripts, which are like recipes. For instance, anyone can follow a recipe to bake a cake. Understanding how the ingredients come together in the oven, to form a cake, makes you a better baker who can make a better cake.

Participants will learn the structure of a hypnosis session. The workshop will teach participants how to apply specific hypnosis techniques to specific health problems, including depression, anxiety, addiction, pain, trauma, low self-esteem, stress and burn-out.

The workshop is experiential and interactive. There will be demonstrations, videos and participants will go to break-out rooms to practice hypnosis techniques. CE certificates will be provided.


1. Understand the theory and practice of hypnosis.

2. Be able to describe the structure of a hypnosis session.

3. Learn how to apply hypnosis techniques for treating and resolving mental health problems.

To register for this workshop, go to:

If you have previously attended Hypnotherapy for Healthcare Professionals Part I and would like to refresh your skills, then you are welcome to attend the October 1, 2022 workshop free of charge. Please email me or DM me and I will arrange your registration.

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