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Interpersonal Effectiveness & Social Skills Training using DBT


Interpersonal Effectiveness & Social Skills Training using DBT

About the Training

Interpersonal Effectiveness is all about creating healthy relationships and strengthening existing relationships. In this experiential skills group you will learn essential skills for assisting your clients in improving their communication in relationships (and in yours as well)!

As care providers, we have a tendency to value the needs of others over ourselves and may have difficulties with saying no. This leads to burnout, resentment and ultimately conflict in our relationships. Learn how to establish boundaries, while strengthening your relationships.

This DBT training provides an in-depth training of the DBT skills of Interpersonal Effectiveness outlined in the DBT Skills Handouts and Worksheets: Second Edition by Marsha M. Linehan.

This session is led by Hailey Goldberg, MSW, RSW, one of the few Canadian DBT-Linehan Board Certified Clinicians.

As this training is experiential, Ontario residents may be eligible to submit cost of sessions to their insurance providers for reimbursement

8 Weeks | 16 hours
Wednesdays Oct. 26 - Dec. 14, 2022
7-9pm EST

Limited Space Remaining. Click to Register

Check out for a full list of October DBT trainings.

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