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Introducing Breaking Free Online: A virtual tool to help treat substance use disorders


At least 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a problem with substance use over their lifetime. Timely access to substance use treatment in Ontario is limited, resulting in a variety of socio-economic and health problems. As part of the response to COVID-19, the Ontario government is investing in virtual mental health and addictions services to help make care more accessible.

On behalf of Ontario Health and the Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence you are invited to join a webinar on Breaking Free Online, a virtual care tool for those experiencing substance use disorder (SUD), that will be free for all Ontarians starting April 23, 2021. During this session you will learn how to add Breaking Free to your clinical toolkit to support clients.

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*The webinar will be available in English with simultaneous translation in French. For questions or further information, please contact


  • Provincial priorities: Substance use disorder (Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence, Ontario Health)
  • An overview of the provincial project (Steve Mathew, Ontario Health and Adrienne Spafford, Addictions and Mental Health Ontario)
  • Live demonstration of the tool (Breaking Free Online team)
  • Testimonials from health care providers (Karen Waddell, House of Sophrosyne; Patrick Kolowicz, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare; Dr. Brian Rush and Sara Sousa, Homewood Research Institute; Gord Garner, Community Addictions Peer Support Association)
  • Questions and Answers

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Breaking Free Online is now live and available to all Ontarians ages 16 and up.

Those who are interested in implementation and have not yet reached out can email Nicholette Smith at to obtain your service code in order to access the Breaking Free Operational Toolkit. Please provide the below details in your email:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • The name of your organization

The toolkit contains all the orientation, training videos and instructional manuals on how to use Breaking Free, explaining the clinical pathways to integrate Breaking Free into their care process.

You will also use your service code to offer to your clients to self-enroll.

We encourage you and your staff to review these helpful resources prior to implementation:


Breaking Free Online est maintenant en ligne et disponible pour tous les Ontariens âgés de 16 ans et plus.

Les personnes intéressées qui ne se sont pas encore manifestées peuvent envoyer un courriel à Nicholette Smith à l’adresse pour obtenir votre code de service afin d'accéder au Breaking Free Operational Toolkit (Boîte à outils opérationnelle Breaking Free). Veuillez fournir les détails ci-dessous dans votre e-mail:

  • Prénom
  • Votre nom de famille
  • Le nom de votre organisation

La boîte à outils contient toutes les orientations, vidéos de formation et manuels d'instructions sur l'utilisation de Breaking Free, expliquant les voies cliniques pour intégrer Breaking Free dans votre processus de soins.

Vous utiliserez également votre code de service pour proposer à vos clients de s'inscrire.

Nous vous encourageons, vous et votre personnel, à consulter ces ressources utiles avant la mise en place :


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