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Last day to apply for the MHRC 2022 Ontario Youth Mental Health, Substance Use and Addictions Impact Grant

FUNDING AMOUNT: up to $100,000 CAD each

DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 28th, 2022 at midnight EST.

Granting agency: Mental Health Research Canada

Substance use disorders are one of the three most common types of mental illnesses experienced by Canadians – and young people aged 15-24 years have the highest rates of substance abuse or dependence.[1] Mental health and substance-related service use among young people in Ontario has increased over time, with only about 1 in 6 receiving needed mental health services.[2] At this critical development time in their lives, a lack of appropriate, timely supports for these young people can impact their future success in school, personal relationships and career choices.[3] Ensuring that young people and families in Ontario have appropriate access to mental health, substance use and addictions services has never been more important as they navigate through the uncertain and stressful times of the COVID-19 pandemic and deal with various substance use issues, including the recent legalization of cannabis and the opioid poisoning emergency.

To address this need, Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC) and the Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions (the Knowledge Institute)are partnering on grants of up to $100,000 each to advance evidence-based, innovative solutions across the continuum of care to improve timely access to care to address the impact of substance use and addictions issues faced by young people and families in Ontario.

MHRC and the Knowledge Institute invite you to carefully read the attached Call for Proposals for grant eligibility and criteria. We have also included a Budget template in Word to assist you in your application. As the proposal states, the project must be led by two co-principal investigators who are: a) residents of Ontario and b) supported by a team. All applications are to be submitted via MHRC’s grant submission portal.

FUNDING AMOUNT: up to $100,000 CAD

DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 28, 2022 at midnight EST



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[2] Aderibigbe OO, Stewart SL, Hirdes JP, Perlman C. Substance Use among Youth in Community and Residential Mental Health Care Facilities in Ontario, Canada. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022 Feb 2;19(3):1731. doi: 10.3390/ijerph19031731. PMID: 35162754; PMCID: PMC8835119.

[3] Waddell, C., Georgiades, K., Duncan, L., Comeau, J., Reid, G.J., O’Briain, W., Lampard, R., Boyle, M.H., & the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study Team (2019). 2014 Ontario Child Health Study Findings: Policy Implications for Canada. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 64(4), 227-231.

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