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Let's Talk About Cannabis

Let's Talk About Cannabis

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There is a wider variety of cannabis products available than ever before. Different methods of use are growing in popularity among youth in Canada. Each method of cannabis use can result in different levels of psychoactive compounds being not only available, but processed and absorbed in the body. Why does this happen, and why does cannabis produce so many different effects for different people?

Understanding the unique risks and harms of each specific method of cannabis use, as well as harm reduction strategies, are crucial for empowering youth in making healthier choices related to cannabis use.

Join YCAP as we explore:

  • Why cannabis use increases by grade and factors influencing a young person’s decision to use or not use cannabis
  • Why cannabis affects everyone differently
    • Standard THC dose (edibles and beverages)
    • # of THC doses in edibles
    • THC bioavailability (% absorbed by the body) in inhaled and ingested cannabis
  • Popular methods of cannabis consumption for youth
    • Potential risks of each method of consumption & strategies to lower these risks
    • What “start low, go slow” means in relation to each method of use
  • Additional risks specific to youth and cannabis use
    • Impact on academic performance, legal risks, physical health risks, brain development, etc
    • Strategies to lower additional harms and risks
  • When cannabis use becomes a problem and where to find information and support related to cannabis use
    • What to expect from support services available across Canada

YCAP takes a harm reduction approach toward recreational cannabis use. YCAP does not make value judgments regarding recreational cannabis use, rather seeks to minimize risks associated with cannabis use by providing the most accurate and unbiased information.

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