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New Research from U.S. Leaders in Peer Crisis and Peer Supportive Housing


Panelist Dr. Peggy Swarbrick has worked at Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey for 25 years, and is also the Associate Director of the Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies and a Research Professor in the Applied Department of GSAPP. Over her career as a pioneer Peer Researcher, she has made significant contributions to the body of literature in occupational therapy, nursing, and community behavioral health care practice, focused on topics such as the 8 dimensions of wellness, wellness coaching, peer support, health disparities and social determinants of health, financial wellness, employment, trauma, and self-care.

She developed a strength based 8-dimensional wellness model to promote recovery from mental health substance use and trauma related challenges. Peggy is known for bringing the voices and needs of people to the table by collaborating with the Peer community and family groups to identify and address social determinants that are barriers to recovery and wellness.

In this Panel Discussion, new research findings in Peer-led short term gap-housing from crisis services - and to prevent crisis - add to our understanding of excellence in Peer wellness services!

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Join us to hear how CSPNJ lives their organizational values of: Relationship building; People's potential; Inclusion communities; Self-sufficiency; Choices and how they promote responsibility, recovery, human rights advocacy, and wellness in supportive and respite housing.

Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey is innovative housing and support that addresses poverty and inadequate living conditions that impede recovery and well-being.

Panelist Anne Smullen Thieling works with individuals from the perspective of a fellow traveler, using her Lived Experience with behavioral health challenges as a means to connect with others along their wellness and recovery paths.  At CSPNJ, Anne has held several different roles including positions in Enhanced Services and Wellness Respite Services. In her current role as Deputy Director, Anne works to integrate CSPNJ’s Wellness Respite Services, Community Wellness Centers, Supportive Housing, and Enhanced Services in the northern part of New York State.

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