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OPDI webinar: Parallel Realities: Misunderstood and Untapped Human Potential


There is no one way of seeing and experiencing reality. Reality is experienced on a continuum. Those who experience the extreme end of the continuum are often misunderstood, feared and shunned in Western Culture. How it has been responded to has changed and transformed over time. It has been seen as a curse, illness, divine gift, demonic possession, etc. Currently it is seen from a medical model point of view- Psychosis. We will discuss how it has been understood throughout history and in various cultures. Through this journey we will come to a newfound wisdom of parallel realities and way of interacting with those who experience the extreme end of the reality continuum.

Presenter Bio

Tyrone Gamble is a peer support worker and mental health and addictions advocate in Ottawa. He provides peer support in both the community and in several hospitals. Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa is his community and source of support and guidance. His passion revolves around supporting people living with voices and/or parallel realities. Part of his interest and passion for hearing voices and parallel realities comes from his own lived experience and the expertise he has gained supporting others who share these and similar experiences.

This is Tyrone’s second go around on the OPDI Board of Directors. He was first time on the OPDI Board of Directors was from 2010-2016. He values the organization, its mission and vision so much that he was eager to sit on the Board again and be of service to it in a way that makes the best use of his gifts and strengths.

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