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State of Mind Mental Health Festival


State of Mind Mental Health Festival

Building on the success and growth of the ‘State Of Mind Festival’ (SOM) I want to tell you about our ambitious plans for the fourth annual State of Mind Festival which will take place virtually from May 4-7, 2021. It offers over 1000+ high school students with the chance to better understand mental health through experiential project-based learning. AND - new this year - State of Mind is offering brave conversations and workshops that share tangible solutions to create a mentally healthy workplace.


SOM celebrates youth expressions of mental health in the form of multimedia, traditional, and non-traditional arts created through yearlong in and out-of-school projects. Then, we translate the content into actionable conclusions to shape next year’s programming.

The fourth annual State of Mind Festival brings 1000+ high school students together to:

  1. Engage with each other in open and compassionate dialogue.
  2. To practice integrating mental health education into a variety of classrooms: psychology, biology, comtech, physed, art…
  3. Learn how to value personal responsibility and embrace important well being practices through collaborative, project-based experiential learning.
  4. Present and celebrate their work at the State of Mind Festival.

The festival is FREE for students in grades 7-12!

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