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Trauma The basics


IN the last few years there has been a buzz about Trauma and that's because we are learning it is at the root of most mental health concerns.

I want to take a look at the PCL-5 and the ACES study to begin. Not being a doctor, I have found that these are the two most common SCREENINGS used in my practice and very helpful for practitioners and clients to not only assess but to focus on strategies for treatment, healing and well being.

Many live with Trauma without being aware that their responses can be often traced back to traumatic events that are stuck in the body and the mind.

If you have wondered if trauma is operating in your clients and in your practice and maybe within you as a practiioner, join me on this journey of exploration.

I am taking an early bird WAIT LIST. Looking for 6-10 participants

Beginning May 16, 2023

going for three weeks, once a week on Tuesdays, from 6-7:15pm virtually on-line.

endng June 6, 2023

Cost: early bird special 247.00 (closing May 09,  2023)

otherwise 297.00

email: therapyawakens@ to be on the wait list

For more info

my website:

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