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Webinar - Video feedback for coparents: Using the Lausanne Trilogue Family Play tools in clinical contexts

Live Webinar

Webinar - Video feedback for coparents: Using the Lausanne Trilogue Family Play tools in clinical contexts

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Video feedback for coparents: Using the Lausanne Trilogue Family Play tools in clinical contexts

Live webinar April 7, 2021
Diane A. Philipp, MD, FRCP(c)

This training is suitable for:

Mental Health Professional: psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers

Medical Professionals: nurses, psychiatrists, pediatricians, family doctors

Level of training: Intermediate

Age group: For professionals working with clients age 0 to 12 years

Pre-requisite: Mental health practitioners with Masters level or higher OR 5+ years of experience working directly with children/families in a play or family therapy context.

COVID-19 related content: The LTP has now been used in a remote context, including providing families with rapid video feedback via Zoom for Healthcare. As waitlists mount for mental healthcare, this modality will allow for some families to get much-needed input and care.

Description: Video feedback for parenting has been shown to reduce symptoms, increase compliance with recommendations, and shorten treatment times. Traditionally video feedback has only been used for primary caregivers and the identified client.

In this webinar therapists will learn how to use the well-established Lausanne Family Play and Discussion tasks to provide video feedback to parents not only about the identified client, but also about sibling dynamics, the family alliance, and any parenting or coparenting issues they can work on to improve family functioning and the identified client's symptoms.

The Lausanne Family tasks are well-established, semi-structured play and discussion tasks that can be done both in clinic as well as in-home or via video conference to assess and help families. As waitlists mount for children's mental health care, this 3-5 session model will allow for some families to get much needed input and care. Clinical vignettes and work with video recordings will play a central role in this interactive webinar.

In this one-day webinar, participants will be introduced to the delivery of this assessment tool, selection of appropriate segments of interaction for video feedback, and the basic format and structure of a video feedback session using the LTP. Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with clinical material in order to learn the skills being presented.   

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will learn the foundational research and theory supporting the use of the Lausanne Family Play and Discussion tasks
  • Concepts such as the family alliance and coparenting
  • Learn the system of clip selection to be used for video feedback
  • Learn delivery of video feedback to the point of having foundational knowledge to begin doing this with their own clients, with supervision

Registration fee: $250. Student and group rates are available

For more information and full registration details please visit our event website at

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