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You are not alone: Exploring ways to support survivors of sexual assault and violence

Live webinar (Zoom)

You are not alone: Exploring ways to support survivors of sexual assault and violence

You are not alone: Exploring ways to support survivors of sexual assault and violence

Presented by SickKids CCMH Learning Institute

Date: December 5, 2023
Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET
Facilitator: Karine Silverwoman, MSW, RSW

Sexual assault (SA) and violence (SV) are distressing and traumatic experiences that can leave psychological, emotional and physical scars on the survivors, affecting all walks of their lives.

Through the dedicated efforts of activist and survivor-led movements, the deeply entrenched issue of SA and SV in our society has been brought into the spotlight. As a result, it is imperative to support professionals with the necessary tools and resources required to work with survivors in a compassionate, supportive, and trauma-informed manner.

In this training, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to support survivors from a trauma-informed, strength-based and social justice lens. The topic will be understood and taught from a clinical, social, and political lens while centring the experiences of survivors. Meaningful and reflective tools will be explored on how to work with and support survivors with skill, care and compassion. The workshop will explore ways to center survivors, understand elements of consent, learn healing approaches and risk assessment for safety concerns. Participants will engage with how to sustain and support themselves as they do this important work.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impacts of sexual assault (SA) from a clinical, social and political lens on survivors and communities
  • Grasp the impacts of trauma – gain insights into the emotional, psychological and physical effects of survivors, considering both short-term and long-term impacts
  • Understand the core ideas and principles of trauma-informed care in relation to working with survivors
  • Explore consent, disclosures and risk assessment
  • Deepen trauma-informed skills and understand the impact of SA
  • Find ways to support and sustain oneself in the work of supporting survivors
  • Engage in a survivor-centred approach – emphasize the importance of placing survivors at the center of all responses and support services
  • Support survivors from a compassionate trauma-informed and intersectional lens

Registration fee:
General - $125  |  Student - $112.50

For full program overview and registration details please visit:

Continuing Education (CE) information: 3 CE hours

SickKids CCMH Learning Institute has approval from the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) for participants of our programming to apply the number of CE hours earned in the program towards their continuing education hours.

Other licensing boards and professional organizations will grant continuing education credits for attendance at their own discretion; participants will need to submit the course outline and certificate for their consideration.

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