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Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use Community of Interest

The Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use Community of Interest brings together addiction and mental health service providers, researchers and subject matter experts in the fields of gambling, technology/Internet use and video gaming to collaborate and share knowledge on emerging trends and clinical best practices.

Reply to "Google’s Play Store starts requiring games with loot boxes to disclose their odds"

As a mother whose 12-year-old just spent $50 of his birthday money on loot boxes in Overwatch, having some idea of the odds of his getting the skin of his dreams would definitely have given me a better argument to dissuade him from doing this.  Letting people - usually kids - know the odds would bring into focus the idea that this is gambling, and spark conversations in families that may be less aware. 

I do think that this kind of gambling is insidious for youth.  For this reason, regulation should be considered (just as it is for marketing alcohol to children).  I have not considered what the best form of regulation would be.  Offhand, I think it would be important to state the odds of winning on the same page where loot boxes are purchased, not just when the game is downloaded, for example.


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