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The Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use Community of Interest brings together addiction and mental health service providers, researchers and subject matter experts in the fields of gambling, technology/Internet use and video gaming to collaborate and share knowledge on emerging trends and clinical best practices.

Reply to "'Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now'"

@Registered Member - the arguments aren't necessarily what you might expect (like improved wellbeing, sleep, etc.) the book focusses more on the impact of those algorithms on our ability to have empathy with others or be critical of news sources (argument #3 - 'social media is making you into an a**; #4 - 'social media is undermining the truth; #9 'social media is making politics impossible'). The author is a computer scientist and futurist so I think he's really arguing about how these kinds of tech could be designed in a much more humane way... they're just not lol. I'm so interested in how people like yourself, who've managed to avoid some of the big SM platforms, view how other people use it - I definitely notice people around me on their phones differently when I'm not on mine half as much!

@Registered Member - I think you'd love this book TM! It follows similar themes to the 'I, Human' documentary. He puts forward some great arguments for how tech could be designed so it works *for* our needs without sucking us into some of the things we don't want (i.e., he praises LinkedIn for being one of the rare platforms trying to achieve this!). Totally agree re: better privacy, I think that's a big priority for everyone as well as safeguarding children which some platforms are missing the mark on.


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