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Reply to "The first long-term study on how screen time affects children's brains"

Nimira Lalani posted:

It will be interesting to see if they control for things like income and other social determinants of health.  I have a sense that it might be more likely for parents with fewer resources to use the phone/TV as a coping strategy, especially if they don't have as much support as other more affluent parents.

Hi Nimira,

You make an excellent point. Another thing to consider, on the opposite spectrum, is that many middle class to upper class schools now utilize tablets and laptops as part of the school curriculum. Does the content matter? Or is it just screen time. I wonder if the added family resources outside of school, that may support vacations, hobbies and sports (events away from screen time) and resources that support enhanced learning, is large enough to combat the effects of increased screen time facilitated through their education.

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