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A Discussion on the roots of Housing First, brings us back to "Out of the Shadows" - Mental Health Commission's Recommendations

Take 45 minutes to pause and think about our systems of care with the talk’s sharp focus on the intervention itself.  The discussion got me thinking of: the recovery model; our categories of who fits into what program of care; mental health care’s forms of intervention; and what ever happened to the Mental Health Commission’s Recommendations and its whole system, whole country recommendations guide?

The “fireside chat,” helps us step into a “new year,” and made me want to know more about the implementation plans of health and social reforms occouring in Ontario and our communities.  The vision of initiatives such as Health Teams have the mission to incorporate, health and the social determinants of health. It would be useful to concretize the various plans: disability reform, housing, mental health care, homelessness, population based care and weave the implementation steps to make coherent to clients, families, frontline providers, managers.

Does anyone know who is doing this?

A discussion with Dr. Sam Tsemberis, the founder of Housing First,  who joins Alex Smith, Housing First England's Senior Project Manager.

Please see the Webinar here:

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