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Reply to "A Discussion on the roots of Housing First, brings us back to "Out of the Shadows" - Mental Health Commission's Recommendations"

Every bit is helping, Angela.

"...In the homelessness sector, a system of care is a method at the community (or provincial/territorial or national level) of delivering services differently to help people who are homeless, or at-risk of homelessness. “As a method of organizing and delivering services, housing, and programs, it aims to coordinate resources to ensure community level results align with 10 Year Plan goals and meet client needs effectively” (Calgary Homeless Foundation, 2014, p. 2). " ...

The problem, the complexity, is that while the "homelessness" category of care, has climbed some various and serious mountains over the decades to bridge and adapt with the mainstream systems and is remarkable how far we have come, yet we still have siloed systems.

It would be great to have Claudette Bradshaw, who led the startup of the National Secretariat on Homelessness, join the Conference, maybe a panel or something.  She led the framing of the local systems set up, once homelessness became a word the federal government could swallow.

Integration of poor people into the larger community is key to eradicating poverty in Canada, says Claudette Bradshaw, a former federal Liberal MP who served in the federal cabinet and was the federal co-ordinator for homelessness.

In most ways, those living in poverty are no different from those who aren't, Bradshaw said in an interview with Information Morning Moncton.

"They are like you and me ... they are in the same community, they are at the same schools," said Bradshaw, the former MP for Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe.

Above is from an article i stumbled on my search for Bradshaw.

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