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New Anti-Oppressive and Mental Health Crisis Response Toolkits

The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health recently launched two toolkits:

  • Anti-Oppressive Practice:

    This first part of the Anti-Oppressive Practice toolkit aims to help those who support students on campus better understand what anti-oppressive practice is, how it intersects with mental health, and why it is important to embed anti-oppressive practices into our work on campus. Click here to view the toolkit.

  • Mental Health Crisis Response on Campus:

    This toolkit is designed to support faculty, staff, and administrations on campus in moving from a siloed-departmental approach to mental health crisis response, to a whole-campus approach where everyone plays a part. Click here to view the toolkit.

Visit our website to find these and other toolkits on several topics including student athlete mental health, graduate student mental health and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion:

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