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*New* Vaping Cessation Guideline Resource from the Nicotine Dependence Service at CAMH

The Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS) at CAMH is excited to share our Vaping Cessation Guideline Resource! This resource was developed in response to the growing prevalence of e-cigarette use, in collaboration with a group of international experts and people with lived experience of e-cigarette use, with the goal of providing evidence-based guidance for healthcare providers to support adults and youth (ages 15-24) who want to quit vaping.

The recommendations listed in this resource aim to provide general guidance on the following topics for adults, youth, people who are pregnant, breastfeeding and/or chestfeeding and people with mental illness and/or substance use issues:

  • Severity and dependence
  • General approaches to creating a treatment plan
  • Treatment approaches
  • Dual use treatment strategies (people who use both tobacco and e-cigarettes)
  • Pharmacotherapy and behavioural therapy strategies; and
  • Approaches to harm reduction and relapse prevention.

For more information and to download the resource plus assessment tools, please visit our website at https://www.nicotinedependence...ivery-systems-(ends)

The resource can be accessed through the ‘E-Cigarette & Vaping” section on the homepage, and is available in both French and English.

Interested in learning more or have any questions about this resource? E-mail Erika Kouzoukas at


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  • VapingGuidelines1: Screen grab of where the Vaping Cessation Guideline Resource can be found on the NDS website
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