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This Week at the Ontario ACT and FACT Association Virtual Conference March 31, 2021

12-1pm (program update)

Family and Community Matters in Recovery: Challenges and Opportunities Towards an Anti-racist Practice

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Luis O Lopez, MA, MS, ACT Institute/Center for Practice Innovations,

Dr. Helle Thorning, ACT Institute/Center for Practice Innovations (New York, NY)

We will explain the challenges and opportunities for teams and in supervision when addressing white supremacy and white privilege. The Critical Conversations (CC) Model provides a framework to illuminate and examine power dynamics in order to produce change with parallel insight and action—across teams, supervisee, supervisor—towards an anti-racist practice.

1-2pm (program update)

Navigating Different Waters: Supervision in ACT Teams

lopezluisHelle t

Luis O Lopez, MA, MS, ACT Institute/Center for Practice Innovations, Dr. Helle

Thorning, ACT Institute/Center for Practice Innovations (New York, NY)

ACT Teams are famous/infamous for their non-traditional methods of engaging, providing services, and reconnecting people to their communities.  This also applies to the way ACT Teams provide supervision. We will discuss the "unique and non-traditional" methods used by ACT Team supervisors in the area of supervision.


ACTTAY Do’s and Don’ts with TAY experiencing substance use and criminogenic thoughts


Jessica Baker, MS, LPC, CRADC, and Jessie Waters, MS, PLPC, IL-LPC, CRADC (Missouri, US)

Our ACTTAY team from Hannibal, MO specializes in the Transitional Age Youth population who are experiencing Co-occurring and forensic needs. Our presentation will provide training on “Do’s and Don’ts” when working with Transitional Age Youth who are experiencing substance use and criminogenic thoughts. We will focus on how to develop relationships with the local probation and parole offices and how to set boundaries with including them in the treatment while maintaining client confidentiality.  We will provide education on the role of treatment courts for these clients and education on how to structure a fidelity backed treatment schedule to help reduce recidivism and improve overall client outcomes. The training will focus on how to support clients in maintaining recovery, obtaining independent housing, remaining gainfully employed, and reduce the frequency of jail time. This training will focus on how to function as a “FACT” team when you’re not formally identified as a “FACT” team and how to maintain fidelity while meeting the clients needs.  These wraparound services include peer support, employment/education, medication management, trauma therapy, substance use counseling, and health and wellness.

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Conference Program and Registration:

Cost: Free for all staff on OAAF member teams. ($300 per person for non-members).

OAAF Virtual Conference Registration Form

Conference Dates: March 17 - July 14, 2021

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Registration deadline: April 30, 2021

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Cost: Free for staff on OAAF member teams. $300 Canadian for all others.

Registration is for the entire conference. There is no single or per session fee or registration option.

Registrants are sent one Zoom link only (recurrent).

You must accept the ZOOM invitation/link in order to be able to participate.

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