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In the early 1980's here in Ontario child welfare legislation was developed to address the genocidal systemic racist activities of Children's Aid Societies, "the sixties scoop," and earlier legacy of  Residential Schools on First Nations People.  Customary Care was the core component of the Child and Family Services Act to address this and has been amended over the decades since.   These efforts to address the system level perpetuation of our everyday racism and destruction of Indigenous Peoples have not ultimately addressed the core structures needed to support First Nations.   This is after decades of struggle and scattered policy report milestones including: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Residential School Reconciliation and The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

The Death Report, completed by Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)  reporters: Cullen Crozier and Kenneth Jackson opens a lense on one example of child welfare care occurring now here in Ontario.   This investigative report helps us all to consider more deeply engaging with organizations and the policy structures that will strengthen First Nations Peoples and push the rest of us in the broader society to address the systemic of our racism.

It starts with a hard truth.

"Since 2013, 178 Indigenous children have died and 147 are tied to First Nation child welfare agencies in Ontario."

Here is a trailer about the investigation

This investigative report is extensive with articles and documentation on the story


Please go to the story here:

Part One:

Part Two:


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