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This article from Journal of Implementation Science helps to frame the infrastructure of implementing practice change, via a snapshot of the players and mezzo system in actual practice. 

I found it helps me as a front line worker think about my own efforts at practice change can be understood--- my place in the dynamic and how I could be more strategic in seeking and giving advice.

Understanding professional advice networks in long-term care: an outside-inside view of best practice pathways for diffusion

network building

...In this paper, we report our qualitative findings. We identified four themes from the data. One theme related to characteristics of particular network roles: opinion leaders, advice seekers, and boundary spanners. Opinion leaders and boundary spanners have long tenures in LTC, a broad knowledge of the network, and share an interest in advancing the sector. Advice seekers were similarly committed to LTC; they initially seek and then, over time, exchange advice with opinion leaders and become an important source of information for them. A second theme related to characterizing advice seeking relationships as formal, peer-to-peer, mentoring, or reciprocal. The third and fourth themes described motivations for providing and seeking advice, and the nature of advice given and sought. Advice seekers initially sought information to resolve clinical care problems; however, over time, the nature of advice sought expanded to include operational and strategic queries. Opinion leaders sought to expand their networks and to solicit information from their more established advice seekers that might benefit the network and advance LTC. ...

See the article here: https://implementationscience....wtj514iJfkGYYOVAKMPY


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