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In Nov. of 2020, Canada Health Infoway published findings from consultations they conducted in partnership with Environics Research on Canadians' perception of digital health. The consultations were done via survey, polls, focus groups, and interviews. Over 50 000 Canadians participated, including people who are underserved by the healthcare system and indigenous people.

Some key findings:

Nearly 70% of those who sought medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic used virtual care.

91% of those who received virtual care were satisfied with their experience.

92% of respondents want technology that makes health care as convenient as other aspects of their lives.

90% of those who had used health technology in the past year said it saved them time, and 80% said they were better able to manage their health.

80% of respondents believe investing in digital health should be a top priority of the government.

For more information, visit Canada Health Infoway: A Healthy Dialogue Findings.

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Thanks for laying out the consultations, I'll check out the actual site content later but fast questions that I think would help practitioners and users if we could find a venue or group that is thinking more about how we use and are working to improve virtual care.  It would be useful to help point out the GAPs.  These 90% ranges are ultimately needing deeper analysis and bridging with both the professionals and users.

  • Certainly in mental health access to records a whole other story than physical health.
  • Any analysis done on the mental health and addictions side, which within that would be nuanced as well?
  • Also the term "virtual" bit of a grab bag, seems that telephone is now categorized as virtual by many organizations.
  • Are there good examples of access and onboarding of people to learn, manage, get, the tech - in the department of digital literacy access?

thanks for considering these points,

I know  @Betty-Lou Kristy's group is considered by many in the province as leading in addressing practice issue of virtual,

...but is anyone else wrestling with these kinds of questions in their work?

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Thanks for the plug Bill. LOL.

I agree with your comments. I would love to see the stats drilled down/out to see what parameters of healthcare this captured.  Although I have embraced the option of virtual, I think a person having a virtual appointment to get a prescription renewal from their doctor is vastly different than a mental health/substance use concern being adequately negotiated.  I am not saying it can't be done or shouldn't be provided. I think it is about informed choice.  A full menu of options along the care continuum. I am more than a little nervous about an "all-in" approval rating without any context.

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