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Back to School Tip Sheets for Post-Secondary students from BounceBack Ontario 

BounceBack is here for you and your students as the new school year approaches. As you are aware, mental health has been a top concern for Ontarians during Covid-19 and the stress of returning back to school can increase feelings of worry, low mood and stress. Attached you will find resources (in English and French) that can support the return to school process.

For students – Shareable resources (Updated)

  • Student tip sheet Covid-19
  • Student checklist (a reminder on how to reduce study stress)


For faculty/staff/admin Power Point slides to support students (NEW)

  • 10 tips from BounceBack to help tackle study stress (PPT Slide)
  • 10 tips to reduce anxiety, stress and worry during Covid-19 (PPT Slide)


The Canadian Mental Health Association’s BounceBack program also remains an effective option to support you, your colleagues, and students who may be dealing with mild-to-moderate anxiety or depression, or may be feeling low, stressed, worried, irritable or angry.

About the BounceBack Program:

This FREE program is easily accessible, available in multiple languages and provides fast access with a call back within approximately 5 business days.  BounceBack is an evidence based skill-building program for adults and youth 15 and older. Through telephone coaching, skill-building workbooks and online videos, individuals learn new CBT skills to regain positive mental health.

To learn more about BounceBack or to complete a self-referral:

  • Go to
  • Click on the appropriate header “Adults” or “Youth”
  • Scroll down and click on “Get Started” under BounceBack coaching
  • Click on “Submit Online Form” to complete the self-referral
  • You must provide the name and contact details for your primary care provider family doctor, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist and our team will get in touch on your behalf.


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