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For me, this is a critical and helpful piece for effective care, both for ourselves, our organizations and the clients we work with.

headline survey

From Karen Sewell Principal Investigator

Study Info:

We are currently recruiting participants for our Supervision Study entitled, Examining Workplace-based Supervision to Strengthen Social Services. The purpose of the study is to examine supervision practices and the impact of supervision in human service organizations in Ontario. The aim is to generate knowledge that can influence policy and practice. We are recruiting frontline practitioners/ direct care providers, supervisors, coordinators, managers, leaders (i.e., directors, executive directors, CEOs) in human services in Ontario.

Participants will be asked to complete an electronic survey which will take approximately 10-20 minutes. We will ask them about their position, experiences of supervision, and opinions about the impact of supervision, including wellbeing.

Survey poster is here Supervision Study Poster.pdf

Click here to complete the survey:

This research has been cleared by Carleton University Research Ethics Board-A (Clearance #116100). Should you have questions or concerns related to your involvement in this research, please contact the CUREA Board at

If you have any questions about the research please contact Karen Sewell Principal Investigator at

Literature informing the study (see attached file)

scoping infographic

scoping infographic2


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