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The Strength in Structure Project, through the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP) would like to invite Black led & Black serving organizations that are based in and around Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia to take part in a focus group!

Interested? To participate in one of these focus groups, please complete the following step:

Please register to participate in a focus group via the links below:

  1. Nova Scotia: Tuesday October 19th from 12-2pm (EDT) REGISTER HERE       
  2. Ontario & Alberta:  Wednesday October 27th from 5:30- 7:30pm (EDT) REGISTER HERE

Both focus groups should last no longer than one and a half hours to two hours.

About Strength in Structure Focus Groups

Focus groups will take place via Zoom and will touch on Black Youth Employment Outcomes.

These focus groups will provide opportunities for Black serving and Black led organizations based in and around Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia to share, and also learn from other service providers and community organizations, their experiences with respect to delivering services/supports to Black youth.

It is our belief that your organization has extensive expertise and experience in workforce development as it relates to Black youth. Having a core understanding of both systemic racism and anti-Black racism is crucial to the research and implementation strategy we are proposing

About CCYP

The Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP) is a national, non-profit, cross-sector collaboration of community and corporate leaders (20), driving coordination and boosting the infrastructure that supports the youth workforce development ecosystem.

About the Strength in Structure Project

CCYP’s Strength in Structure Project is aiming to raise the issue of addressing structural and systemic racism in workforce development. As it is critical to building a robust workforce development system and advancing a national skills agenda while raising the profile, positioning, and offerings of Black-led organizations as strategic ecosystem contributors.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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