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"Decades of research has found that racialized citizens are diagnosed with [schizophrenia] at far higher rates – and the single biggest risk factor is having darker skin than most of their neighbours."

Read The Globe and Mail article here.

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for  me the reframing is more like reminding us about an individual's needs and how to help - in the balance of the unique physical things going on in a person's brain, lets call it "schizophrenia" and our responses and interactions with the person - individually and collectively through our social institutions.  There is such a rush to: fix, define and label people, especially when hitting adult psychiatry, vs. the children's mental health system.  For sure we need to be there to support, offer medicines, etc. in the "help" from the care systems end, but at the social/community level, for each of us living in Canadian society we need to somehow put more substance and understanding to terms that get tossed about: Social Determinants of Health, The Recovery Model, the Out of the Shadow's Royal Commission's concept of "hope."  Its beyond schizophrenia.

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