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Starting today, this week marks Mental Health Week 2021, led by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

This year's theme is #GetReal about how you feel. CMHA is encouraging people to name it, don't numb it -- "Because heavy feelings lighten when you put them into words."


Add a reply below to let us know what you are doing for Mental Health Week.

You can also follow @EENet_news on Twitter! This week we're featuring one of our staff members each day, to show how we're mobilizing knowledge to build a better mental health and addiction system.


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Thanks for sharing @Registered Member. There's a lot of talk about that NYT article that names our collective feeling as languishing.

For my fellow francophones (or francophile), you might identify more closely with le spleen. If you don't remember it from reading Beaudelaire in high school, here is an editorial describing the feeling (in French and Quebec-centric).

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@Registered Member I liked that article and appreciated that it ended with some practical tips for dealing with the feeling of languishing, like  “give yourself some uninterrupted time” and “focus on a small goal.”

Even more than that, I liked the personal response from Austin Kleon (an artist and also another New York Time's author) to the article and its implication that we should all be trying to flourish:

I’m not languishing, I’m dormant.

Like a plant. Or a volcano.

I am waiting to be activated.

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@Registered Member for mental health week, I'm still trying to understand the vision of care reform, this interview  Dr. Kwame McKenzie of the Wellesley Institute, helped.

Good medicine, a balm, for those of us who experienced a languishing of our mental health system before, Covid as well.

flattening mh

See the Video:

Reference document, McKenzie encouraged us to read:

mental health social contract

See here:

Keep on washin everybody.



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