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April 20, 2022

Moving forward together: Transforming care through partnership and engagement with patients, families and caregivers.

The Minister of Health’s Patient and Family Advisory Council has released its 2021-22 report showcasing patient, family and caregiver voices as key in shaping the future of Ontario’s health care.

Established as a permanent body in 2019, the Patient and Family Advisory Council is a key advisory group to the Minister and Ministry of Health. The Council provides expert advice on health system priorities to ensure that patient, family and caregiver perspectives are meaningfully incorporated into health system policies, programs and initiatives. In 2021-22, the Council focused on several key areas of health care system transformation and the government’s plan to better connect care for Ontarians: Ontario Health Teams, digital health, home and community care, and mental health and addictions. The Council and ministry also partner with Ontario Health to ensure ongoing engagement and alignment.

Betty-Lou Kristy, Chair of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, spoke to this exciting milestone. “I’m thrilled to announce the release of our Annual Report showcasing the phenomenal work of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council and our authentic partnership with the Minister and Ministry of Health. I am grateful for this opportunity to demonstrate the importance of true partnership and co-design with patients, families, caregivers, people with lived/living experience and all those in contact with the health care system. I look forward to continuing this exciting work.”

Read the 2021-22 Report of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council

(Link is above but I have also attached a pdf of the report)


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