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Cormac Russell’s https://www.nurturedevelopment...-are/cormac-russell/ talk, When Community Itself is Healthy emphasis’ Health Systems prioritizing asset based approaches in community neighbourhood development to the British Columbia Health Quality Forum.

  • Shift money from the acute ends of our health systems and move upstream
  • Aim to surround people with an interdependent community
  • Resist social prescribing of individuals, instead focus facilitation in the community that surrounds them
  • Make sure we don’t overreach with our institutionalizing of care through knowing our place and role in the community
  • Deploy services to recognize the gifts of individuals and neighbours in order for the services to be able to work “alongside people” and enhance citizenship

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Please see the 45 minute talk here:


Safe Communities Determinants (Robert Samson)

How many neighbours do you know by first name?

How often do you do things together, are you willing to get involved in the commons, shared community life?


Associational Life

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