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Our team at the The Royal Ottawa Hospital are looking to support coordination between upstream initiatives and IYS across Canada.

To make sure it works, we need to learn from you and your expertise! We need your questions and recommendations about collaborations between IYS and upstream initiatives to inform an upcoming needs assessment. We are specifically looking to learn from IYS staff who are also young people (e.g., peer supporters, youth engagement team, management, administration, etc.).

To learn more about "upstream" approaches, please see this explainer video from Think Upstream -

The Ask for You

We want to learn from you! After learning more about upstream approaches, we might ask you questions like: what questions do you have for us? How do you see it fitting into your work? What barriers and facilitators do you anticipate? What are you already doing for upstream prevention? What do you want to make sure is kept top of mind if/when IYS sites include upstream prevention models?


All participants will be provided with a $20 e-gift card

When and where?

The consultation will happen virtually (over Zoom). It will occur in the evening (EST) and will run for 1-hour. This will all happen in late April/early May.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

To sign up, please express interest here.


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