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The Globe & Mail recently published an article about a new strategy in Ontario's Peel Region to curb sex trafficking. It identifies Peel as the region with highest per capita rate of trafficking in Canada.

The strategy proposes "a one-stop 'dedicated services hub' that provides victims with access to resources such as legal aid and addiction support." According to the report, Peel also aims to put in place two safe houses for people who are exiting trafficking situations. They would "offer free accommodations such as food, clothing and basic health care to the survivors for up to two years in an effort to give them time to find permanent housing and employment."

What do you think about the Peel strategy and the idea of safe houses and dedicated service hubs for survivors of human trafficking?

Lorinc, J. (2018, July 27). Peel Region strategy aims to curb rising rate of sex trafficking. The Globe & Mail.

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