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PEACE Psychotherapy is an association of independent private practice psychotherapists committed to teaching life changing DBT skills to some of the most challenging clients. We offer Individual, Family and Group Therapy to help clients struggling with overwhelming negative emotions and impulses, and habitual problem behaviours. We understand that effectively breaking these maladaptive habits and replacing them with DBT skills can require lengthy and often challenging work. We are dedicated to this process, understanding that all people, no matter how hopeless they feel, have the capacity for change and desire for a life worth living. Our approach is particularly successful with clients who have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Borderline Features, Complex Trauma and/or problems related to emotion dysregulation. Visit our website to learn more and for our self-referral tool.

Group settings provide clients with an added level of interpersonal support, allowing individuals to create new connections, practice interpersonal skills and develop comfort in a social context. Group leaders provide a powerful environment of compassion and empathy for each individual. This also allows for interactions that challenge participants to let go of self-defeating beliefs and behaviours, replacing negative emotions with more positive ones, and ultimately achieving personal life goals.


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