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Now that we have been recorded MEQ data in our charts for a few years, is there starting to be a convention wrt how to quantify MEQ for Suboxone and methadone, even just for the purpose of tracking.  I chose to label all the methadone/Suboxone patients as @MEQ 99 for tracking purposes back in the day, but would love something more sophisticated.  Any thoughts?

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Hi @Registered Member

Morphine equivalents for Buprenorphine and Methadone are still fairly tricky. Mainly because of the Agonist properties of both making for a less linear correlation (Buprenorphine be a use it's a partial agonist and Methadone because it's a full Agonist but with cross over reactivity with Morphine, Hydromorphone and the other full Agonist opioids).

I still use the opioid manager pdf from cep health:

Suboxone Is given an equivalency of 90 MEQ in this document

I know there's also the Women's College Hospital opioid manager.

Not sure if others in this site have their own go to and/or have referenced more updated equivalencies.

Any thoughts?

Carol-feel free to post back!


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