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The Mood Disorders Society of Canada's National Youth Advisory Council (MDSC NYAC) is a network of students, aimed at engaging youth in discussions about mental. The MDSC NYAC continuously works on a variety of initiatives targeting mental health advocacy and engagement with youth. The Bloom Blog is a multimedia publication platform for youth to share their experiences with mental health. We aim to share creative work, generate productive conversations about mental health, and show young people that they are not alone in their journeys.

As part of our Bloom Blog, we are releasing creative prompts related to mental health. We are inviting youth across Canada to reflect on these prompts and express themselves via a creative medium of their choice. We welcome submissions as creative expression of all kinds; whether it be fine art, writing, photography, music, or anything else. Submissions will be screened and published to the Bloom Blog. Some submissions may also be selected for an honourable highlight on the blog; creators' of honourable highlights will be given the opportunity to interview, discussing their creation.

This is an amazing opportunity to reflect about mental health and for creative youth to showcase their talent on a national platform. We are hoping that you can share about this opportunity and encourage the youth in your life to express their thoughts on mental health. Please see the attached document highlighting this initiative; please share this with any interested individuals.

Thank you for your support of mental health, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have (


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