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Hello, EENet Connect community!

I'd like to draw your attention to a fantastic resource recently developed by the Excellence through Quality Improvement Project (E-QIP), in collaboration with the Provincial System Support Program at CAMH, CMHA Ontario, Addictions & Mental Health Ontario, and Ontario Health.

This resource was developed to support mental health and addiction (MHA) providers, OHT leads and OHT members involved in the development of collaborative quality improvement plans (cQIPs) for OHTs. The focus of this document is the OHT priority area ‘improving access to community MHA services’ and the associated indicator ‘rate of emergency department visits as first point of contact for MHA related care.’ The resource provides information intended to:

  • Help understand the calculation, limitations and interpretation of performance data for the cQIP indicator, ‘rate of emergency department visits as first point of contact for MHA-related care’;
  • Aid community agencies in making connections between their QI activities and how these can affect performance on the ‘rate of emergency department visits as first point of contact for MHA-related care’ (cQIP indicator);
  • Provide guidance on how to use local data and other data sources to build a more comprehensive picture of access to community MHA services and to gain additional insight into performance on this indicator; and
  • Provide information to support discussions across providers within an OHT on how to improve access to community MHA services.

This resource contains a technical description of the indicator, examples from community MHA organizations focused on improving access to MHA services, ideas on how to reduce inequities for priority populations by providing support when and where it is needed and a description of standardized  tools and associated data sources in the MHA sector.

CLICK HERE to view/download this resource!


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