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Dear Community Partners

     My name is Jacqueline Harris, and I am a student in the Masters of Science in Nursing program at York University. My supervisor is Dr. Judith MacDonnell. I am conducting research for my thesis about the everyday lives of people facing mental health and addictions challenges and homelessness in rural communities.

     The purpose of this study is to explore how policies and other dynamics (e.g. stigma, discrimination) shape the lives of those facing mental health and addictions challenges in rural communities. Findings from this study may be used to influence public policy development in rural communities and may contribute to improving the lives of people experiencing mental health and addictions challenges, and homelessness (MHACH) in rural communities. This study will also provide the opportunity to give voice to people experiencing MHACH who are often not heard.

     Participation is voluntary and I am asking permission for you to post my two recruitment posters in your establishment. I am looking to interview people with lived experience of MHACH, as well as key informants (professionals or volunteers) who work with this population in the SW LHIN catchment area. I am located in Elgin County and have the ability to meet participants in their community and/or can arrange virtual options if that is more convenient.  If printing of the posters is an issue, please contact me and I will mail you a copy of each poster.

     If you have questions about the research in general or about your role in the study, please feel free to contact me (contact info below) or my supervisor, Dr. Judith MacDonnell at .  You may also contact theGraduate Program in Nursing at York University at


Jacqueline Harris

(519) 808-7330

This research has received ethics review and approval (Certificate # STU 2022-088) by the Delegated Ethics Review Committee, which is delegated authority to review research ethics protocols by the Human Participants Review Sub-Committee, York University’s Ethics Review Board, and conforms to the standards of the Canadian Tri-Council Research Ethics guidelines.  If you have any questions about this process, or about your rights as a participant in the study, please contact the Sr. Manager & Policy Advisor for the Office of Research Ethics, 5th Floor, Kaneff Tower, York University (telephone 416-736-5914 or e-mail


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  • KI recruit: Recruitment poster for people working with PWLE
  • PWLE recruit: Recruitment poster for People with lived experience
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