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Keith McCandless of Liberating Structures community of practice shared this post on principles to guide organizational changes on the Integration and Implementation Insights site. This set of principles and what not to do, is going to save having to sit through more and more trainings as the way to advance change and instead get us to everyday practice. The “must not’s are fun to read as well.

The “plug and play” set of resources for groups is easily and openly accessible as well.

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… Liberating Structures is based on ten principles that help guide choices and keep a community together while moving toward their set purpose.

Liberating Structures practice and principles come alive through active engagement. The path is co-evolving, iterative, and mutually shaped. As shown in the table below, each principle is couched as follows: When Liberating Structures are part of everyday interactions, it is possible to…

Each principle is accompanied by ‘Must Do’s’ and ‘Must Not Do’s’, also presented in the table below.

Must Do’s are practices to guide action and behavior. They are valued but not often practiced because conventional structures make it too difficult.

Must Not Do’s are common behaviors and practices that stifle inclusion, trust, and innovation. They are often unexamined habits so familiar that they are easily overlooked. …

See the article here:


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  • principles section 11_dZKeBfAA-tN8i0l5PcklKg
  • principles section 21_oowvpsPpoYc6PqjtsxTTsg
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