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Pat Armstrong will be outlining approaches to reform Long Term Care (nursing homes), April 3rd @ 4:30pm at the Ottawa Public Library  main branch

Please see the research report which informs the talk here

A Panel Discussion will then ensue!  


PDF of poster here: Apr 3 Event Poster – Exercising Choice in Long-Term Residential Care (1)

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Would anyone know of research or evaluation or protocol efforts focused on people living with mental illness - various degrees, that guides/supports/address' their specific care issues/challenges in LTC?

  •  for younger people in LTC, who need/use that form of residential supports
  • people who have lived in: domiciliary hostels/residential support homes/psychiatric boarding homes that then enter LTC

thanks for considering, as many issues surround the meeting of psychiatric care, with long term residential care (nursing homes).

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