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Hi all,

I am trying to spread the word about a study that may have benefits for you or someone you know. Please feel free to share widely.

We are running a study out of CAMH that provides participants with a free 1-year subscription to an evidence-based mindfulness meditation app. We're looking for individuals 18+, fluent in English, and are waiting for psychosocial services (i.e., therapy or an assessment/referral) to participate.

We follow participants for 3-months as they begin to use the app. The procedures involve a brief phone screen, baseline orientation session (~60 minutes) and follow-up surveys sent via email (15-20 minutes each). Participation can be done remotely. Compensation is provided for assessment completion and participants get to keep the premium access for 9 months after the study is over.

The study is open to anyone in Ontario, so please consider sharing the study with anyone that you might think may benefit. Attached are handy posters that you can share by printing and displaying, sharing via email, or through your website/social media. Participants can send an email to our study email to get started:

Thank you!



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