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Sharing a call for research participants on behalf of a colleague at Carleton University's School of Social Work


My name is Margaret and I am a fourth-year PhD candidate in Social Work at Carleton University. Most of my work is interested in supporting Autistic adult mental health, wellbeing, and inclusion. My current PhD project seeks to investigate Practitioners’ and Professionals’ barriers to and facilitators of providing Ottawa Autistic adults with mental health support with the Ottawa Adult Autism Initiative; and I work as a Community Outreach Liaison for the Neuroinclusivity in Housing project. In the Past, I worked as a Research Assistant for the Bridging the Silos project and in the Oral Histories of Disability Rights Movement project.

I am asking you to share this information broadly within your network to those who may be interested in participating, including practitioners and professionals whom may have worked with Autistic adults in Ottawa and practitioners and professionals who provide mental health support. This research is entitled Investigating perceived barriers to and facilitators of providing Ottawa’s Autistic adults with mental health support.

You can participate if you are:

  • A practitioner or professional who has experience supporting an Autistic adults* mental health in Ottawa. (*Autistic adults include self-identified, diagnosed, and undiagnosed)
  • Comfortable completing an online questionnaire and engaging in a 60 to 90-minute recorded Zoom interview
  • At least 18 years old
  • Comfortable in the English language

This study will ask participants to fill out an online demographic and work experience questionnaire via Qualtrics and to participate in an audio-recorded one-to-one semi-structured interview via Zoom for approximately 60-90 minutes, where they will be asked questions about structural, organizational, practitioner, personal, and individual barriers to supporting Autistic adult mental health, and strategies, adaptations, and considerations they find useful. All those who participate in interviews a $10 e-gift card from a pre-determined list. This research has been cleared by Carleton University Research Ethics Board A Clearance #119805.

If you would like to participate in this research project, or have any questions about the research, please contact Margaret at You can find out more about Margaret here:

Thank you in advance,

Margaret Janse van Rensburg (She/Her), MSW, RSW PhD Candidate, School of Social Work Carleton University382299172_1082310666090449_2142369513525725560_n


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