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Getting too many emails from EENet Connect? Or not getting the RIGHT emails?

You can set your email notification preferences by going to this link (the little bell in our site menu), which will take you to a page that looks like this at the top...

  • Click the 'Follows' tab to select what types of content you are notified about from the main EENet Connect site (where all of our more than 17,000 members can interact), as well as how often you'd like to be notified. This is also where you can also select specific public forums to follow (just click ‘Show Per-Forum Setting’ and you can select the notifications you want to receive from each individual forum).
  • Click the 'Subgroup Follows' tab to select what types of content you are notified about from any private subgroups you may belong to. You will have to specify settings for each subgroup you belong to by selecting the group name from a drop-down menu. (Remember that if you are the moderator of a private subgroup it is important to have all subgroup notifications turned on!)
  • Click the 'Settings' tab to select whether you get any notifications about new posts by email, or only when you login to EENet Connect.
    • Check the box by "Suspend All Email Notifications" if you want to stop all email.

Don't forget to click 'Update Settings' at the bottom of each page after you make changes.

Still having trouble? Feel free to shoot an email to


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