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Dear Colleagues, My name is Ruxi Gheorghe, and I’m a PhD student at the Carleton University School of Social Work in Ottawa, Canada. We are seeking:

  • Current MSW students with minimum 1 direct practice placement at the BSW or MSW level
  • Recent MSW graduates with 6 months - 2 years full-time clinical experience
  • Experienced MSW graduates with +5 years clinical experience

The SIM Social Work Research Lab, Canada’s only simulation based social work research lab is currently seeking participants for their study, Knowing and Not Knowing: Navigating Uncertainty in Social Work Practice. The purpose of this research is to understand how social workers across different professional stages and experiences navigate uncertainty with the hopes to guide the development of clinical practice pedagogies.

Participation in this study is virtual and involves engaging with 2 simulated clients for 30-minutes each, followed by a 30-45-minute reflective dialogue with a researcher for each of the 2 simulations. Approximately 3 hours time is being requested for participation. The simulated interviews and the reflective dialogue will be recorded.

In appreciation for the time and effort of your participation, we are offering $80 for MSW students, $100 for new MSW graduates, and $150 for experienced practitioners in compensation. The ethics protocol of this project was reviewed by the Carleton University Ethics Board.

If you are interested in participating, require any accommodations to participate, or have any questions at all, please contact our Research Assistant, Ruxi Gheorghe (me), at

How do Social Workers Across Different Professional stages navigate uncertainty [1)


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  • How do Social Workers Across Different Professional stages navigate uncertainty (1)
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