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Hi everyone,

We're attemping to take on a digital storytelling approach to create solidarity as we return back post-pandemic. Recognizing there is really no normal (nor was there ever) way to do this. We want to take the opportunity to move towards transformation and hope that we can draw from other ways of knowing in order to get there.

Here's a link to the promo for the Comeback:

And a blurb:

Share your Comeback story

For some, July 1st marked fresh starts, new beginnings and a return to activities and experiences we have not engaged in for over a year. For others, still trapped in pandemic distress, it sent waves of anxiety, fear and more uncertainty. Things have re-opened, but it is unknown what the world looks like outside our front doors.

The Comeback is a story sharing initiative to build solidarity, through digital storytelling.

Share with us your Comeback story through videos, podcasts, interviews, blogs, arts to bring your stories to light and recognize that others feel the same way that we do.

Contact to learn more and to participate.

Let me know if this is something you're interested in collaborating on!

Hope all are well!



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