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Conference Dates: March 17 - July 14, 2021

April 14 2021




Luis O. Lopez, MS, MA - ACT Institute (New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University)

One of the most challenging jobs many providers have is facilitating group sessions - clinical, recreational, supervisory or administrative.  This workshop will look at a number of aspects that makes a group effective, interesting, logical, and fun.  This workshop is open to all staff, supervisors and administrators.

2-3pm            KEYNOTE SPEAKER



Prof. Niels Mulder, MD, PhD, President of the European Assertive Outreach Foundation (EAOF). Professor of Public Mental Health, Erasmus MC and psychiatrist at Parnassia Psychiatric Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

In many countries, the number of coercive practices (outpatient commitment as well as compulsory admissions) is on the rise (Rains et al. Lancet Psychiatry 2019). Based on human rights legislation as well as potential adverse effects of coercive practices, this development is undesirable. The reasons for these increases are largely unknown, and may be caused by more assertive care (finding difficult-to-engage patients) and/or a higher incidence of patients showing suicidal behavior, social breakdown or dangerousness to others. Studies investigating interventions reducing compulsory admissions have shown beneficial effects of crisis plans and a trend was found for integrative care (Jong et al. Lancet Psychiatry 2016). Focussing on the quality of care within ACT/FACT teams, it was found for example that a lack of assertive care was associated with a higher chance of compulsory admissions (Jong et al.  BMC Psychiatry 2017). These findings set a challenge for ACT/FACT teams to (1) creating a consciousness of how many and which patients in the teams are confronted with coercive measures and (2) implementing practices to reduce these measures.

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Conference Program and Registration:

Cost: Free for all staff on OAAF member teams. ($300 per person for non-members).

OAAF Virtual Conference Registration Form

Conference Dates: March 17 - July 14, 2021

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Registration deadline: April 30, 2021

Pre-registration is required for all participants.

(late registrations will only be accepted for new staff hired after this date)

Cost: Free for staff on OAAF member teams. $300 Canadian for all others.

Registration is for the entire conference. There is no single or per session fee or registration option.

Registrants are sent one Zoom link only (recurrent).

You must accept the ZOOM invitation/link in order to be able to participate.

Please email completed form to:

If your team is not an OAAF member team the conference cost is $300 per person.

Please mail your cheque to:  Wendy Black, 65 McDougall Dr., Barrie, ON   L4N 7H6

Please make cheque payable to the: Ontario Association for ACT & FACT


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