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June 2 2021



rez schools

(image: Bishop Horden Hall Indian Residential School–Moose Factory 1956, Public Archives Canada)

Deputy Judge Michael Bay JD, associate professor at McMaster University, adjunct professor of nursing at the University of Toronto, associate editor of the Journal of Mental Health Ethics (Ontario)

Michael Bay spent a decade adjudicating Indian Residential Schools abuse claims. He heard over 600 cases and became known for integrating healing into the hearing process.

You will learn where the students came from, what they experienced at residential school and the lifelong impact of that experience as well as the wider historical context and the underlying purpose of the schools. Also canvassed will be cultural competence and issues around listening skills, humility, open-mindedness and respect.

Michael is a lawyer, writer and lecturer in the fields of mental health law, consent and capacity law; and medical assistance in dying as well and the history and impact of the Indian Residential Schools. He is an associate professor (PT) in the Department of Psychiatry at McMaster University, an adjunct professor of nursing at the University of Toronto and an associate editor of the Journal of Mental Health Ethics.

He served as founding Chair of Ontario's Consent and Capacity Board, director of the province's Mental Health Law Education Project, consultant and mental health counsel to the Ministry of Health, and Executive Assistant to the Minister of Health.  He holds the TA Sweet Award from the Ontario Psychiatric Association in recognition of having made a major contribution to the understanding of mental illness and its impact on individuals in society.



NP roles

(image:  NURSE PRACTITIONERS – Untapped Resource, CNA info sheet)

Dr Patricia Cavanagh MD FRCP, Lucy Doan NP, Melissa McCormick MSW RSW. Centre for Addiction and

Mental Health Downtown Central ACT team. (Ontario)

In working with clients with serious and persistent mental illness, access to primary care as an integrated approach to their mental health care is both evidence based and an integral part of comprehensive holistic treatment.  In this presentation we will be reviewing the efficacy of having a nurse practitioner as a member of available ACTT services.  A review of the literature regarding the integration of primary care within the act model as well as implications for use within both urban and rural settings will be explored.  In addition, we will review a nurse practitioners fellowship and the impact on chronic disease management, especially cardiovascular risk factors and preventative care as well as the impact on addressing non emergent but acute physical health issues

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@Registered Member posted:

how do I register for the 1st presentation?

The virtual conference is over four months, and there is no access to standalone presentations. The registration and conference program is here: but we are half way through.

I think I made a mistake by reposting the weekly conference updates in eenetconnect.  It was ok, when we were initially launching and seeking registration, not useful now, so I will stop doing so.

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